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Our Story

A real fairy tale
from the beginning to the continuation

Zsuzsanna Kelényi-Kovács spent her childhood near the Austrian border, went to Austria as a junior high school student, and later finished university in the neighboring country as well. After graduating, she helped her parents in their small family pastry shop in Fertőszentmiklós; at Christmas, they also made quality tea cakes, which were sold in Hungary and Austria, and everyone knew them in the area.

In 2008, she built a beautiful, modern factory, which she designed and arranged herself. She installed all the machines and devices and set up the technology and the recipes with her own hands. After the initial difficulties, she was left without a partner and hardly had a job, but the situation quickly changed. Szamos Marzipan is one of the well-known brands she works with today: they became partners a year after the launch.

In 2009, Zsuzsanna was visited by one of Mátyás Szamos’ grandsons, Kolos Kelényi, who was looking for partners to produce premium biscuits. At that time, few people in the country undertook this, especially with such a modern and professional establishment as the factory in Fertőszentmiklós. The collaboration soon began, and they found common ground because Zsuzsanna worked with the highest quality materials, just like Szamos: in her factory, linzers and other biscuits were made with butter, walnuts, almonds, Belgian chocolate, and homemade jam. The continuation is fitting for a fairy tale: not only did the market players representing premium quality get married, but the two confectionary professionals have also since formed a family. 

Kelényi-Kovács Zsuzsa és Kelényi Kolos - Tutti Biscotti Sütőipari Kft.
Kézzel készített sütemények

Our Products

Our products are a sweet mixture of
tradition and innovation

Our company mainly produces linzer-based delicacies like Ischlers and walnut rolls. The confectionary palette includes the chocolate chip cookie, the peach linzer cookie, and the coconut kiss. Still, the classic tea cakes, coffee house cakes, or the Lebkuchen (gingerbread), which is exceptionally successful on the Austrian market, cannot be left off the list. We also have puff pastry treats and make macarons, poppy seed, and nut rolls during the holiday season.

Get to know us
a little bit better!

Our three main features are authenticity, knowledge, and tradition. Our owners’ family is a proud confectionary dynasty. It fills us with pride and satisfaction that our partners place absolute trust in us daily. They know that when they work with us, they work with a mixture of tradition and innovation. They are involved in joint work where we look ahead and take collaborative steps into the future based on our expertise.




Tutti Biscotti Sütőipari Kft. - Kézzel készített sütemények


Quality for us is not a goal,
but a principle

We support agricultural and food industry practices that guarantee environmental sustainability and high quality. This is why we also manufacture and offer Fairtrade and agroVet-certified products. Our plant is IFS certified.

Golden circle
Kiváló minőségű alapanyagokból készülő, egészséges termékek


We produce healthy products
made from high-quality raw materials

Most of our products are made with butter, and there is also a wide selection of aroma-free versions with reduced carbohydrate content. Our Christmas offer also includes nut and poppy seed rolls without added sugar.

We operate in an environmentally conscious way, and we collect waste selectively. We obtain our raw materials from Fairtrade and agroVet-certified sources upon customer request.